While performing a UX evaluationĀ for Dallas Pets Alive! I also had the opportunity to make contributions of a few design assets.

I wanted to create different icons to represent different favorable attributes of each pet. Above are some examples I started with for conveying Age, Energy Level, House Trained, Child Friendly, and Healthy.

After creating the initial set of icons and experimenting with different colors I decided on the set that was all green. Using a single color and reducing the opacity to 70% made the icons not too over powering for the profile pages.
I then returned to the concepts for Age and Energy level. While a sand timer and battery are good indicators for age and energy level, I was concerned about the negative association of having a low battery as well as not enough time. As a solution, I decided to create an icon scale using a paw design.

These icons would work as a neutral scale to solve my negative association dilemma. One paw being filled in is either the youngest and three filled in paws, the oldest. One paw for energy is the lowest energy level while three paws is a very energetic pet.

The full icon set with adjusted opacity.

Image to be used as a placeholder for pets without profile photo yet

I also created a wire frame for the redesigning of Dallas Pets Alive!'s animal listing and profile pages, click the link to check it out.
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