Proj Name: Scumco & Sons Site Migration
Date: 01/13/2020 – ongoing
Platform Mobile and Web Browser
Key Performance Metric: Conversion Rate, Site Traffic.
Team: UX/UI Design Colin Curley ( Me), Webmaster: Nick S.

In early 2020, Nick S. of Scumco and Sons expressed interest in improving their sites performance during a migration to Shopify. Scumco and Sons is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is well known in the skateboarding community. Though their products can be found in skate shops internationally, Nick found their online presence to be lackluster. By developing a more user friendly website, Nick aimed to establish Scumco and Son’s global online presence. 

Project Scope

In order to develop a strategy to serve my client’s needs, we discussed the issues he was encountering. They had received frequent correspondence from potential customers about the availability of certain products that were no longer available, and user drop off from the home page before making it to the online store. I developed a strategy to drive user traffic and raise the overall conversion rate of the website. To increase B2C conversions, I optimized the sites SEO and integrated the store with Scumco and Sons social media profiles.  After identifying the goals of the migration I created a user flow chart and a site map to better understand a typical experience shopping on the webpage.

I mapped out the web page’s architecture, and noticed many pages could be consolidated and more clearly labeled. A Large portion of the pages including the homepage were being used for image galleries of archived products that were no longer available. I consolidated the archived product image galleries from three pages to one, which would feature the most recent media. Additionally, I removed the homepage directing users directly to the shop, shortening the user flow to check out. By consolidating the media pages to only feature updated media and applying a shorter user flow to the site, the user should convert at a higher rate.

I also focused on the labeling of the pages in the navigation bar. By consolidating the pages of archived products to one page and titling it "Archive" it would clearly communicate the products are not currently available.

The site was launched Jan 29, 2020 and had a great reception. For the purpose of evaluating the user experience, I compared the KPI from February 2020 with February 2019. The results of which are discussed below.​​​​​​​

The improvements to the user experience of  the Scumco & Sons online store site resulted in higher conversion rates and greater visibility on social media, and web searches resulting in higher site traffic. Compared to the same months in 2019, the site saw a traffic more than doubled with 649 visitors to the site. The improvements to the user experience also resulted in an increased conversion rate of .70%. Nick was very satisfied with the performance of the new site and increased user base. 
In the event that my services are needed to continue improving the client’s site, I would further develop site traffic from back links to raise further awareness about Scumco & Sons in the skateboard community. The alterations I was able to execute garnered great results and I look forward to further developing the user experience for skate companies and their patrons. ​​​​​​​

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